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In 1990 there was a request from the Ministry of Education for the urge to recruit a physical education teacher or a sports officer for the University of Mauritius which had a student population of around 1000 students. Why this need? Because they felt that education would not be holistic without physical education and sports. At that time only a few indoor games tournaments were organised by members of the students' union. These indoor tournaments were left incomplete. With the arrival of the new Sports officer, the organisation of the indoor tournaments could be well organised and framed with rules and regulations. Despite of the lack of sports infrastructures, arrangements were made with other sports institutions so as to organise activities like football, badminton tournaments, swimming and annual sports day. Other sports tournaments like volleyball, basketball, tennis were run at the Maryse Justin Sports complex. Prizes were awarded to winners and runners up so as to motivate more students to participate in sports activities.

Figure below shows Football:Wenzhou Medical University - Monday 21 July 2014

Figure below shows Shinkyokushinkai : UoM Student, Miss Zainab Khatib participated in the 15th Asia Open Shinkyokushinkai Karate Championship

Figure below shows Football:Wenzhou Medical University - Monday 21 July 2014

In 1997 there was the setting up of the University Sports Committee with objectives to:

    -Encourage participation of staff and students in sports and leisure activities.

    -Set up guidelines or procedures for the organisation of sports activities on campus.

    -Monitor the organisation of sport activities.

Over this period, the Sports unit has established a database of recreational facilities at Reduit, drawn up procedures for the use of facilities after hours, monitor the purchase of sports equipment and made appropriate recommendations. With the second phase development of the University of Mauritius, more space could be available to students at the new students common room and an office was provided for the sports unit. Activities like Martial Arts (Tan soo do, Tae kwon Do, Taichi, Shotokan Karate), Yoga, Bharat Natyam, and Aerobic are organised currently. In addition indoor games like babyfoot ,pinballs and pool tables have been placed so as to offer more leisure activities to students. As at today the Sports Unit of the University of Mauritius is well structured, comprising of one Sports Organiser, one Sports officer, one clerk, one Sports office Attendant and one general field Attendant to have a better control of sports equipment issued to students and for a better organisation and monitoring of sports activities on the campus for a student population of 12,000. Not only sports activities are organised on the campus but also there are Inter-University Sports exchange programme that are held each year between the University of Reunion Island.

Year 2014 Badminton: 13thWorld University Badminton ChampionshipCordoba, Spain 23-29 July 2014

Basketball: UoM Basketball players in Madagascar for Sports Exchange, 21-25 August 2014

In the year 1999 a delegation of 8 students in Reunion Island for a volleyball tournament. In the year 2000 a delegation of 21 students in Seychelles Island for a Tan Soo Do (martial arts) tournament. In the year 2001 the University of Mauritius acted as host for an exchange sports programme in athletics and football with Reunion Island. In the year 2002 a delegation of 21 students went in Reunion Island for badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis tournament. In the year 2004 a delegation of 10 students went to Dubai for a volleyball tournament. In the year 2004 the University of Mauritius acted as host for an exchange programme in volleyball and badminton with Reunion Island. In the year 2005 a delegation of 12 students went to Reunion Island for basketball and table tennis tournament. In the year 2007 a delegation of 4 students went to South Korea for Inter Religious Sports Festival. In the year 2008 a delegation of 22 students went to Reunion Island for a Volleyball, basketball and badminton tournament. In the year 2009 a delegation of 4 students from university of London participated with students of university of Mauritius in a badminton tournament. In the year 2009 a delegation of 45 students from Reunion island participated in football, basketball and volleyball tournaments. In the year 2010 a delegation of 40 students went to Reunion Island for volleyball, basketball, and badminton and football tournament. In the year 2010 one student went to Tai pei to participate in the 11th World Universities Badminton Championships. In the year 2012 a delegation of 10 students went to the Ssn College of Engineering, Chennai, India to participate in a badminton tournament. In the year 2012 again, a delegation of 20 students went to the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar for Volleyball, badminton and Table Tennis Tournaments. In the year 2013 a delegation of 11 students went to the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar for Petanque Tournament. In the year 2013- UOM Football Team went to Cape Town.

Year 2015 Rugby:Six (6) UoM Women Rugby playersselected to play for the National Team in R´┐Żunion Islands - 5thApril 2015

Gymnastics:UoM Gymnastics Club in National Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships 2015 by Mauritius Gymnastics Federation-28thJune 2015, at Sir LeckrajTeelock SSS Gymnasium in Flacq

In the year 2014, 1 student went to Spain to participate in the 13th World University Badminton Championship. In the year 2014 a delegation of 8 students went to the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar for Basketball Tournament. In August 2014, the Sports Organiser attended an International Conference on Recent Trends in Fitness, Health and Sports Science. In September 2014- one student participated in the 15th Asia Open Shinkyokushinkai Karate Championship. In April 2015- four girls namely, Astrid Marie, Yovania Mariolle, Yoanna Grivon and Joan Leung Kwok from UOM Rugby Club were selected in the National Rugby Tackle Team of Mauritius during the International Tournament held in Reunion Island. In May 2015- we had five students from UOM Fencing Club participating in First ever National Competition of Fencing. Among women, we had Dosha Bungsy the national champion and Joan Leung Kwok, vice champion of Epee category. For men, we had Brandon David, the champion of Epee and vice champion, Avinash Hatchootah. In July 2015- there was a sport exchanged organized by the Sport Unit of UOM by inviting the Middlesex University for many disciplines namely Football (11 a side), Indoor football, Volleyball, Badminton and Table Tennis. It is worthwhile noting that the team of University of Mauritius won all the confrontations that were scheduled. In July 2015- two UoM Badminton players participated in the Gwangju Summer Universiade Games in South Korea.

Year 2015 Badminton: Gwangju Summer Universiade Games, South Korea, 3rd to 14thJuly 2015

In October 2015- Women UOM Rugby Team participated in the International Rugby Afrasia Tournament in both Touch and Tackle League. There were three girls namely Astrid Marie, Yovania Mariolle and Priya Veerasawmy from UOM in the National Team and Joan Leung Kwok representing Mauritius in the National Touch Team. Both Tackle and Touch Team brought victory to Mauritius by defeating Reunion Island. In May 2016, Our student Yovania Mariolle made it to the 2nd edition of the International Women Rugby Tournament at Reunion Island. In June 2016- University of Mauritius organized a sport exchange with the University of Reunion in these two disciplines, Basketball and Volleyball. It was a great entertainment between the two clubs and it must be noted that the local team came as winner in both disciplines. In June 2016- UOM Rugby Club Men participated in World Clubs 10s. The second edition of this competition where famous professional players took part in Mauritius had the opportunity to host the 2nd edition of World Club 10s, a mega international Rugby event where professional teams and players were a part of it. UOM Rugby Team (Male) being amateurs got the privilege to participate in such a big event. Despite the results were not in our favor, it was a great adventure and a proof of courage from our young inexperienced players who were fearless against well-known players of Rugby worldwide. In 2002, Sports fee was included in the general fee. This fee will help the University to widen the organisation of sports and games activities and for the renewal of sports and games equipment. In the year 2003 the Sports Unit in collaboration with the Faculty of Science has introduced an optional module in Physical Education and Sports. The purpose of this module is to expose the students with a broad idea about physical education and sports. From this perspective they will develop an appreciation for Physical education and Sports thus building a sports culture in their everyday living.

Lastly the University proposed to occupy the plot of plan adjacent to the gymnasium and it would include the following facilities:

    -A Levelled football pitch

    -A multipurpose hall including squash courts

    -A tennis court

    -A petanque pitch

    -A beach volley pitch

    -A beach soccer pitch

    -An open swimming pool with room changing facilities