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(CRSI) The Centre for Research on Slavery and Indenture CRSI is a multidisciplinary Research Centre based at the University of Mauritius. It is part of the University’s commitment to the scientific study of Mauritian history and in particular the history of slavery and indenture, these two being the most important migratory movements into Mauritius.


A Brief History

The CRSI was founded in 2006 in order to continue interdisciplinary research undertaken by the Department of History between 1998-2006. The need was felt for a structure to accommodate the particularities of our research which often included non-faculty members. This was the case, especially for applied research projects and where other disciplines were called upon to contribute to projects and to bring in people of all backgrounds, members of the public. A separate structure with formal collaboration with other institutions allowed us to search for additional funding. Thus to the study of history, was added over the years, ethnography, archaeology, oral history, genealogy and family history.

We have made slow but sure progress in getting our unique approach recognised. We are one of the few institutions to cross thematic and disciplinary boundaries and see the need for slavery and indenture to be viewed as parts of one system originating in the eighteenth century in the South West Indian Ocean and that deserves to be studied together rather than separately as is so often the case in Mauritius and overseas upto today.


CRSI welcomes:

  • Mauritians wishing to learn more about Mauritian, Indian Ocean history and the various forms of unfree labour.
  • Local and overseas researchers with strong academic background willing to collaborate on projects and share their skills and research. 

CRSI especially welcomes:


  • Researchers who have crossed cultural and disciplinary boundaries and are engaged in studying transitions from one labour system to another, regional and comparative perspectives.


Who we are:

  • We are people with passion for our subject
  • We care deeply about Mauritian history and the history of the region
  • We encourage Mauritians to participate in the writing of their history
  • We encourage team spirit and a congenial, inclusive approach
  • We make things move - with minimal bureaucracy and maximum efficiency



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